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National Conference Agenda

Wednesday, November 7

9:00-3:30          Fall Leadership Meeting

3:30-4:00          Annual Membership Meeting

6:30-8:30          Opening Dinner: Top National Security Issues for 2013

                        Keynote: To Be Announced

                        Moderator: Ambassador Marc Grossman, US Special Representative for Afghanistan and                                       Pakistan, former Chair, WACA National Board of Directors 

10:00                Young Professionals Event 

                        Drinks Reception at One Lounge 

Thursday, November 8

8:30 - 9:00        Welcoming Remarks

S. Todd Culpepper, President & CEO, WACA

Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Chair of the WACA National Board

                        Keynote Opening Remarks: 2013 Top National Security Issues: Can the Government                                      Meet the Challenges Beyond the Water's Edge?

9:00 - 9:30        The Honorable Vin Weber, former Congressman (R-MN), partner, Mercury/Clark&Weinstock


9:30 - 10:00       Moderator: Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Chair of the WACA National Board

                        Senator Mark Warner, D-VA


10:00-10:30       Moderator: Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Chair of the WACA National Board

Congressman Chris Van Hollen, D-MD


10:30 -11:30      Plenary 1 – U.S. Education: Competing Globally
                        Panel Discussion: Educating the Next Generation of Global Citizens
                        Moderator: Nick Anderson, Higher Education Reporter, The Washington Post

Brandon Busteed, Executive Director, Gallup Education

Ambassador Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, Embassy of the Republic of Singapore

Tony Wagner, Innovation and Education Fellow, Harvard University


11:30-12:15       Plenary 2 - Panel Discussion--Confronting the Nuclear Threat: 50 Years After the Cuban Missile Crisis- Can We Meet the Challenge to Global Security

Moderator: David Sanger, The New York Times

Graham T. Allison, Harvard University

Joseph Cirincione, Ploughshares Fund

Brian Latell, author of Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine

Danielle Pletka, American Enterprise Institute


12:15 -12:30       Break for lunch set-up


12:30-1:00          Lunch Served


1:00-2:00           Keynote Luncheon

                        Six Top Issues—U.S. National Security: Opportunities and Challenges for 2013

Moderator: Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Chair WACA National Board of Directors

Daniel B. Poneman, Deputy Secretary of Energy


2:00-2:30           Plenary 3 - U.S. Energy Policy

Moderator: Frank Verrastro, CSIS

Daniel Yergin, IHS/CERA


2:30-3:30           Plenary 4 - U.S. Economic Competitiveness

                        Panel Discussion: What’s Next for Europe?

Moderator: Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, German Marshall Fund

Ambassador Robert M. Kimmitt, former Deputy Secretary of Treasury, former US ambassador to Germany

Ambassador Joao Vale de Almeida, Head of the EU Delegation to U.S.


3:30-4:00           Plenary 5 - China

Moderator: James Fallows, The Atlantic

Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, former U.S. ambassador to China


5:30-8:00           Embassy Receptions

United Kingdom, Sweden, Malaysia

(Buses to depart from DeSales Street, on north side of hotel promptly at 5:30)

Young Professionals Event

                       Reception and Q&A with Jake Sullivan, U.S. Department of State


Friday, November 9

7:30-8:30           1918 Society Breakfast

(Available to 1918 Society Members Only)

                        What Just Happened:  The Elections and U.S. National Security

Moderator: Ambassador Paula Dobriansky, Chair of the WACA National Board of Directors

Jerry Seib,The Wall Street Journal

Terry Moran, ABC’s Nightline

Marcus Brauchli, The Washington Post


9:00-9:30           Keynote Opening Remarks: 2013 Top National Security Issues

Moderator:  Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Chair WACA National Board of Directors

Stephen J. Hadley, former National Security Advisor


9:30-10:30         Plenary 6: Afghanistan/Pakistan

Discussion: The U.S.-Pakistan Relationship: A Critical Crossroad

Moderator: Daniel Markey, Council on Foreign Relations

Peter Bergen, New America Foundation, CNN analyst

Ambassador Said Jawad, former Afghan ambassador to the U.S.

Ambassador Cameron Munter, former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan

Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli, former Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State


10:30-11:00       Plenary 7: Middle East

Keynote: Iran, Israel and the U.S.

Moderator: PJ Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of State

Ambassador Dennis Ross, Washington Institute for Near East Policy


11:00-12:00       Discussion: The Arab Spring’s Aftermath: Assessing the Tectonic Shifts

Moderator: PJ Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of State

Marc Lynch, George Washington University

Jen’nan Read, Duke University

Shibley Telhami, University of Maryland

This plenary session will be livestreamed. 

12:00-12:30       Break for lunch set up 

12:30-1:00         Lunch

1:00 – 2:00        Keynote Luncheon

    Plenary 8: U.S. Economic Competitiveness

Discussion: Global Challenges and Opportunities for 2013.

Moderator: Chrystia Freeland, Thomson Reuters

David Abney, COO, UPS

Heidi Crebo-Rediker, Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of State

Steve Rattner, Financial Times


2:00-2:30           Closing

Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Chair WACA National Board of Directors

S. Todd Culpepper, WACA President & CEO


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