WACA Welcomes Matthew Hughes

We are excited to introduce Matthew Hughes as our next President and CEO!


WWNU: 1/25/2023

Russia-Ukraine War; Peru's Protests; Future of NATO; Shared South American Currency; Israel's Government Faces Protests


Job Opportunities Throughout the Network

Councils such as IRC Kansas City, Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Global Santa Fe are hiring for exciting opportunities.


WorldQuest Weekly

WorldQuest Weekly is a world news quiz produced by the Tennessee World Affairs Council. Play WorldQuest Weekly Now!


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Global Minnesota seeks a President & CEO to direct and support the organization's mission to advance international understanding and engagement across the state


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WAC Philadelphia and Citizen Diplomacy International are merging! The combined organizations, will be led by WAC Philadelphia President & CEO Lauren Swartz.


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"Hate Speech and Extremism: What to Listen for Ahead of Midterm Elections" ft. Daniel Byman, counterterrorism expert.


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February 6

Reckoning on War Crimes with NPR's Deborah Amos
World Affairs Council of Western Michigan
Opinions of what constitutes a war crime have evolved, as have ways to identify and punish the perpetrators. Yet, war crimes are notoriously difficult to investigate and prosecute. How might the war crimes committed in Ukraine be dealt with?

February 8

Chat & Chowder with Mariana Budjeryn
The collapse of the Soviet Union unleashed the specter of the largest wave of nuclear proliferation in history. Why did Ukraine ultimately choose the path of nuclear disarmament?

February 13

What's Ahead for China and the U.S.?
World Affairs Council of Western Michigan
While President Biden met with President Xi for the first time since his election in 2020, serious rifts remain. How might the United States and China engage with the other in these increasingly tense times?

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