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Global Minnesota

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Global Minnesota
1901 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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Mark Ritchie, President, Email, 612-625-8646

Shawn Boonstra, Project Manager, Email, 612-624-8620

Ariana Cole, Professional Exchanges Coordinator, Email, 612-625-6159

Laurel Draine, Professional Exchanges Manager, Email, 612-625-4138

Carolina Gustafson, Events Manager, Email, 612-625-1467

Molly Jansen, Administrative Coordinator, Email, 612-625-1662

Josh King, Development Officer, Email, 612-625-5486

Olaf Krohn, Technology Manager, Email, 612-625-0394

Rosemary Milton, Database Coordinator, Email, 612-625-9618

Tim Odegard, Program Director, Email, 612-625-4626

Emily Opara, Development and Hosting Coordinator, Email, 612-626-2406

Kathleen Oscarson, Administrative Director, Email, 612-625-4644

Sylvia Oxenham, K-12 Education Manager, Email, 612-301-2314

Maria Paik, Marketing and Communications Manager, Email, 612-625-5131

Bill Peters, Accounting Manager, Email, 612-625-6962

Kristi Pogatchnik, Individual Giving Officer, Email, 612-625-0620

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