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World Affairs Council of the Quad Cities | Family-Affiliated Extremism/Terrorism & Response

January 23

Presented by Dr. Dean Alexander (Homeland Security Research Program and Professor of Home Land Security at the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administrations at Western Illinois University) discusses family affiliated terrorism and the available responses. 

The Boston Marathon bombings, San Bernardino attack, and numerous terror incidents globally bring to the forefront the issue of family-affiliated extremism/terrorism and law enforcement responses. Unfortunately, up to now, this topic has received scant inquiry and analysis. Following an introduction, some facets of social network analysis, its relevance to families, and extremism/terrorism will be raised. Next, an overview of the phenomenon of extremists/terrorists in families will be shared. The importance of this type of criminality will be underscored. This will be followed by numerous and insightful case studies of U.S. and foreign-based, family-linked extremists/terrorists. By providing these case studies, a better appreciation of this issue will take hold. For contrast, case studies of family members informing about their extremist/terrorist kin will be shared. Subsequently, the presentation will discuss the methodologies to impede family-linked extremism/terrorism at home and abroad.

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Dr. Alexander’s teaching, research, and speaking activities encompass terrorism, security, and legal issues. He has lectured in ten countries, including to law enforcement and military officials at North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), U.S. State Department, National Intelligence University events, as well as before industry, educational, and non-profit institutions. 

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