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March 2020 Events

March 2 - 3 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | Green Peacebuilding: Justice in Climate Change

Climate change has become one of the defining issues of our time. Dr. Marisa Ensor of Georgetown University shows the people, especially youth, on the front lines of climate change, working to transform their communities to be more resilient and just, event as environmental degradation creates opportunity for conflict. With a deep background in forced displacement, environmental peacebuilding, humanitarian intervention, and post-conflict justice, Ensor maps the relationship between climate change, conflict and fragile states and the lessons we can learn from those fighting for human rights and peace within their communities.

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March 4 | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire | International Women's Day Celebration

A collaboration between the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire's Student Advisory Committee and Southern New Hampshire University Women's Center, this International Women's Day Celebration will feature a reception, live student performances, and a panel discussion on women's economic empowerment featuring representatives from three New Hampshire-based, internationally-oriented nonprofits.

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March 4 | Colorado Springs World Affairs Council | Killer High: A History of War in Six Drugs

There is growing alarm over how drugs empower terrorists, insurgents, militias, and gangs. But by looking back not just years and decades but centuries, Peter Andreas reveals that the drugs-conflict nexus is actually an old story, and that powerful states have been its biggest beneficiaries.

Peter Andreas is the John Hay Professor of International Studies at Brown University. He joined the Institute in the fall of 2001, and holds a joint appointment with the Department of Political Science. Previously, Andreas was an academy scholar at Harvard University, a research fellow at the Brookings Institution, and an SSRC-MacArthur Foundation Fellow on International Peace and Security. He holds an MA and PhD in government from Cornell University and a BA in political science from Swarthmore College.

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March 4 | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire | Portsmouth Global Trivia Night

The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire will host a series of four global trivia nights at Dos Amigos Burritos in Portsmouth, NH.  The rules are simple: no phones and no shouting out answers! This will be a fun night of testing your knowledge of global culture, music, politics, sports, and general information. So get together with your smartest friends and come show us what you know!

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March 8 | World Affairs Council of the Desert | Forces Influencing America from the ?Pacific to the South China Sea

Admiral (ret.) Scott Swift is a retired admiral in the United States Navy, serving as the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet from May 27, 2015 to May 17, 2018. He previously served as the director of Navy Staff in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations.

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March 9 - 10 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | Human Trafficking: Global and Local Perspectives

Moderated by Rachel VerWys, the co-creator of local non-profit Solutions to End Exploitation (SEE), who is working to combat human trafficking in West Michigan, this panel will discuss the issue from multiple perspectives, including law enforcement and survivor advocacy. While there are no easy answers to solving this problem, the panel will discuss how our community can respond to the issue with empathy and practicality.

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March 11 | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire | Crossroads Film Series: "Brave Girl Rising"

The first on our three-part Crossroads Film Series: Breaking the Chains of Trafficking with Red River Theatres and the Lantos Foundation, Brave Girl Rising was made in collaboration with The International Rescue Committee (IRC), whose Women’s Protection and Empowerment programs support Nasro, the 17-year-old girl featured in the film, in Dadaab refugee camp. The film showing will be followed by a facilitated discussion on the film and the issues featured in it.

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March 15 | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire | Academic WorldQuest NH

The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire will welcome high school's from across New Hampshire to compete for the honor of representing the Granite State at the Academic WorldQuest National Competition.

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March 16 - 17 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | Artificial Intelligence and National Security

Policymakers in many countries are developing plans and funding research in artificial intelligence (AI). There is virtually no industry that doesn’t hold some promise of advancement through AI. But what are the realities of AI? Lindsey Sheppard focuses on emerging technologies and security applications in her research as a Fellow at CSIS. In her presentation, she’ll discuss how the United States is developing artificial intelligence to shape our national security. What implications will this technology have for the American public?

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March 23 - 24 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | China's Road into Latin America

As the Trump administration advocates for withdrawal from the world stage, China is looking to fill the void. How does Latin America fit into China’s “One Belt, One Road” plan? An expert in China’s growing influence in Latin America, Margaret Myers of Inter-American Dialogue will offer perspective on the new dynamics emerging. Should the U.S. be concerned about China’s growing “sphere of influence”?

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March 23 | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire | WACNH Live! China's "Stealth War"

Due to COVID-19, we are proud to be launching WACNH Live! This series of virtual events will feature several of our originally planned upcoming speakers presenting on important international topics, straight to you at home.

On Monday (3/23) at 6pm, join us in hearing from Dr. Robert Spalding, Brigadier General, USAF (ret.) of the Hudson Institute. Dr. Spalding will be talking about his experiences in China, as well as his policy work in the U.S. government at the National Security Council combating Chinese aggression. He will also discuss his newest book, Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept, followed by a Q&A. Tune in on our website at, email questions to, and we hope to see you there!

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March 24 | World Affairs Council of Jacksonville | China: The Asia-Pacific Struggle for Control

Malcolm Turnbull, former Prime Minister of Australia, career spans journalism, law, business and politics. During his time as Prime Minister, Malcolm delivered strong economic growth, record jobs growth and at the same time reduced both corporate and personal income taxes. His Government legalized same sex marriage and reformed federal schools funding to be fair, consistent, and needs based across the nation and across school sectors

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March 24 | World Affairs Council of Palm Beach | Securing the U.S Southern Border: From Narcotics & Human Trafficking

Celina Realuyo is Professor of Practice at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies at the National Defense University where she focuses on U.S. national security, illicit networks, transnational organized crime, counterterrorism and threat finance issues in the Americas. She has a distinguished career as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer serving as a political officer abroad in Madrid, Panama, and the U.S. Mission to NATO, Brussels.

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March 27 | Alaska World Affairs Council | Japan, America, and the New Nationalism | Bill Clifford

Bill Clifford is President and CEO of the World Affairs Councils of America in Washington, DC, where he leads WACA’s national office and represents its nonpartisan nonprofit network of more than 90 World Affairs Councils across the United States. In March 2017, he was appointed nonresident senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of the Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

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March 30 - 31 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | Central American Immigration & U.S. Foreign Policy

Stopping migration from the Northern Triangle of Central America has become a priority of the Trump administration, yet the country is divided on the appropriate response to immigration. Sonia Nazario is a Pulitzer-winning journalist best known for Enrique's Journey, her story of a Honduran boy’s struggle to find his mother in the U.S. Recently, her dispatches from Honduras have been harrowing and compelling. Nazario will discuss how immigration policy affects the lived experience of migrants. What works and what doesn’t to stem the flow of migration in the context of what’s happening in the Northern Triangle and U.S. foreign policy? 

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