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February 2021 Events

February 5 | World Affairs Council of Hilton Head | Steve Olikara

The direction of American foreign policy will prove highly consequential to Millennials -- on issues ranging from climate change and war, to COVID-19 and humanitarian aid. More connected internationally than ever, Millennial leaders entering public leadership are poised to fundamentally reshape foreign policy on these issues, transforming old debates framed by traditional “hawk-dove” and Left-Right divisions. The generations that came of age during U.S. wars in the Middle East, a global economic recession, the largest climate protests in history, and major pandemics will push for bold action to protect the most vulnerable and a new era of global cooperation.

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February 10 | World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts | Photojournalist Winslow Martin on Nagorno Karabakh

Documentary photographer Winslow Martin will speak at an Instant Issues Online event on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at noon ET on Behind the Soldier: A Journal of the War over Nagorno Karabakh.

In Behind the Soldier Martin chronicles with words and pictures what he witnessed in Armenia, during its war against Azerbaijan. The war was fought over the long-disputed territories of Nagorno Karabakh. Martin stayed in the capital of Yerevan, realizing that everyone, everywhere was in the war. Armenia is a small country, so the battle front was always close to home. His photos of volunteers helping the cause, soldiers going and coming from war, refugees, street demonstrations, funerals, etc. combined with this commentary tell a compelling story about Armenia and life during war.

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February 19 | World Affairs Council of Hilton Head | Ambassador Joseph Yun

The two historic meetings between Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un alleviated tensions between the two nations who at one time seemed on the brink of a military encounter. But there is a “fundamental difference in understanding” between the two sides regarding the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the major goal of the summits.

While Washington was only considering a peace treaty and loosening sanctions on Pyongyang after it had denuclearized, North Korea’s position was a phased approach in which it would receive concessions for every step taken toward denuclearization. That difference is a major reason for the current stalemate in negotiations.

This is a complicated game of diplomacy with both sides looking to make the next best move. Ambassador Yun will share his insights into North Korea and its short and long-term goals and discuss the prospect of Kim abandoning North Korea's nuclear weapons.

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