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March 2021 Events

March 1 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | The Future of Business and Global Supply Chains

Dr. Judy Samuelson of the Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program will offer insights on how businesses are changing and the critical role they’ll have in the new global landscape. Moderating discussion will be Brian Kraus, Vice President of Global Manufacturing at Amway. Dr. Samuelson is founder and executive director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program and a vice president at the Aspen Institute. She is the author of The Six New Rules of Business: Creating Real Value in a Changing World.  Brian Kraus is Vice President, Global Manufacturing at Amway and is responsible for leading 25 manufacturing plants across nine locations employing 2,800 people. Prior to his current role, Kraus served as Vice President, Global Supply Chain Planning and Project. He also teaches business administration and supply chain management at Aquinas College.

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March 5 | World Affairs Council of Hilton Head | Russel Hsiao

Madame Tsai Ing-wen won a second term in January 2020 to serve as the president of Taiwan for another four years. The first term of her presidency saw steady improvements in US-Taiwan relations and a deterioration in cross-Strait ties as Beijing ramped-up diplomatic, military, and economic pressure on Taipei to accept its terms for unification. As the power disparity between Taiwan and China widens, Taipei is becoming more susceptible to Chinese coercion and CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping may become more emboldened to use military force. What are the implications for the Taiwan Strait over the next four years and beyond? 

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March 8 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | Sustainable Globalization Post COVID-19

Globalization is under attack. Some argue for national protectionism in response to global crisis such as COVID-19 or economic recession. Some argue that globalization has exacerbated inequality in developed and developing economies. Is there a way forward, where global cooperation and development can tackle challenges like pandemics, climate change, and economic disruption that is sustainable and just and also respects national sovereignty? What would that roadmap look like? Join Julia Luscombe, the managing director of strategic planning at Feeding America, as she outlines the possibilities of a new direction in globalization. 

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March 8 | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire | Women Changing the World: NH Women Leaders

March 8th is International Women's Day! Join the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire at 6PM for our virtual celebration with a panel featuring three international non-profit leaders that call New Hampshire home. Tune in as Dr. Catherine Rielly of Rubia Handwork, Katherine Kolios of Rain for the Sahel and Sahara, and Blair Demers of Education for All Children as they talk about the meaningful work that their organizations do, and discuss their experiences as women leading international nonprofits in New Hampshire.

Following the opening remarks of the speakers, a moderated Question and Answer session will be held. All questions can be emailed to, posted in either of the YouTube or Facebook Live chats, or the messenger app on our website. Tune in to the Council website for this virtual event at and we hope to see you there!

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March 10 | Colorado Springs World Affairs Council | Saudi Arabia:Outlook on US Relations & Vision 2030

The United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have enjoyed full diplomatic relations for nearly 90 years, and are long standing partners on many strategic and security fronts. Please join us March 10 to hear Fahad Nazer, Official Spokesperson of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C., where he will share his outlook on US/Saudi relations under a new administration, and Saudi Arabia's goals for their Vision 2030

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March 15 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | The Melting Arctic

Because of climate change, the Arctic is warming, disturbing the delicate ecosystem that is felt locally and worldwide. How is the environment changing in the Arctic and what impact will it have on human settlements around the globe? And importantly, can global cooperation provide an answer to this climate challenge? Join Kaare Sikuaq Erickson and Dr. Bob Hollister as they outline the science of the warming Arctic and put it in a human perspective. Erickson is the North Slope Science Liaison for the Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation in Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska. Hollister leads a collaborative multi-disciplinary research project funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the Arctic Observatory Network. 

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March 19 | World Affairs Council of Hilton Head | Michael Reynolds

Although usually described as an “Eastern European” or “Eurasian Power,” contemporary Russia in the past decade has emerged as a major actor in the Middle East. Moscow has demonstrated an unusual ability both to apply military force effectively and to practice diplomacy deftly, juggling and expanding ties not just with American adversaries like Syria and Iran, but also with American partners such as Israel, Turkey, and Egypt. Russia’s seeming success appears all the more remarkable given the routine dismissal of Russia by American observers as a declining power. What is the historical background of Russia as a Middle Eastern power? Is Russia’s success in the region real and what explains it? How sustainable is it? And what does Russia’s role in the Middle East mean for America?

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March 22 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | China in Africa and the Case of Ghana

China’s investment in Africa has a long and complicated history, made more so by COVID-19. While the Belt and Road Initiative continues to expand Chinese power, the response to the spread of Covid19, as well as the African government’s growing debt to China, has seen pushback. In her presentation, Dr. Elizabeth Asiedu will focus on Ghana, which has a long history of relations with China, and use this case to spur larger discussions on China’s influence in Africa.

Dr. Asiedu is a Professor of Economics at the University of Kansas. She was Associate Chair and the Director of Graduate Studies of the Economics Department and is also the President and founder of the Association for the Advancement of African Women Economists (AAAWE), editor of the Journal of African Development (JAD) and former President of the African Finance Economic Association (AFEA).

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March 24 | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire | GTP: The US-China Global Strategic Competition

On Wednesday, March 24th at 6pm, join us for the first installment of our Spring Global Tipping Points speaker series, The US, China, and Their Global Strategic Competition! Tune in as Bonnie Glasersenior adviser for Asia and the director of the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), discusses the U.S.-Chinese strategic competition on the global stage to wield influence over systems, countries, and more. From the US's interest in continuing the liberal world order, to the Belt and Road Initiative, the South China Sea, vaccine diplomacy, there are many areas where these two countries will compete. Should the US allow China to be the regional hegemon? Does China have aims of taking over the mantle of global leadership? Glaser will shed light on these issues and questions during this intriguing event.

Following Glaser's opening remarks, a moderated Question and Answer session will be held. All questions can be emailed to, posted in either of the YouTube or Facebook Live chats, or the messenger app on our website. Tune in to the Council website at and we hope to see you there!

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March 24 | World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts | Mike Chinoy on Rise of the Human Rights Movement

Mike Chinoy (@mikechinoy) | Twitter

Former CNN Asia Correspondent--and Northampton native--Mike Chinoy will speak to us at a virtual event on his new book Are You With Me?: Kevin Boyle and the Rise of the Human Rights Movement on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 7:30 PM.

As a foreign correspondent for CNN for 24 years, Mike Chinoy won Emmy, Peabody and Dupont awards for his journalism. While he worked primarily in China and North Korea, he also reported on the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 80s. It was during this time that he met Kevin Boyle. Chinoy is currently a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California’s US-China Institute and is based in Hong Kong. His books include China Live: People, Power, and Television Revolution (1999), Meltdown: The Inside Story of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis (2008), and The Last POW (2014)

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March 29 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | The Saudi-U.S. Relationship: Decades in the Making

The relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia has been forged in oil and security interests over more than eight decades, but the alliance has not been without struggle. How might the historical context shape our perceptions of the current challenges the relationship faces: Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, human rights abuses and the suspected murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as well as uncertain oil futures in a changing energy economy?

Drawing on forty years of experience in the region, Thomas W. Lippman illuminates the complex relationship between the two countries. Lippman is a former Middle East bureau chief of the Washington Post, and also served as that newspaper's oil and energy reporter. He is currently a non-resident scholar at the Middle East Institute in Washington, where he serves as the principal media contact on Saudi Arabia and U.S. – Saudi relations.

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