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September 2021 Events

September 22 | WorldBoston | Chat & Chowder with Nicole Perlroth

This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends is the untold history of the cyber arms trade, an invisible, classified market, spawned by the United States that has altered the balance of global politics and rendered Americans vulnerable. Starting in the 1990s, American defense contractors and intelligence agencies began paying hackers six figure sums to turn over holes in software and hardware that could be used for espionage and the increasing likelihood of cyberwar. Even as the world started migrating to the same technology, this government-sponsored market ensured that gaping holes that might otherwise be patched, were left open—leaving Americans vastly more vulnerable than other nations.

This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends is an astonishing feat of journalism. Based on years of reporting and hundreds of interviews, The New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth lifts the curtain on a market in shadow, revealing the urgent threat faced by us all if we cannot bring the global cyber arms race to heel.

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September 23 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | The U.S. and China: Where Do We Go From Here?

While many believe the bilateral relationship between the U.S. and China is “too big to fail," it has been in a free downward spiral from President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden. The challenges facing the world, including ongoing pandemic mitigation and its economic fallout, climate change, nuclear proliferation, global security, and much more demand the world’s two largest economies to work together. Neither side has found a way to coexist peacefully and competitively. 

What does this mean to the business communities on both sides of the ocean? How will it impact global peace and prosperity? Join us for a conversation with Dr. Yawei Liu, Senior Advisor on China at the Carter Center. He’ll discuss this consequential relationship from both the U.S. and Chinese perspective and what can be done to stabilize and improve it.

Dr. Yawei Liu is the senior advisor for China at The Carter Center and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is also the associate director of the China Research Center in Atlanta and an adjunct professor of Political Science at Emory University.


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September 27 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | The Afghanistan Withdrawal

The complexity of foreign affairs is on display as President Biden withdraws troops from Afghanistan after twenty years of war. What is the context for the rapid takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban? What next steps can our military and diplomatic corps take to protect U.S. interests and global human rights? What lessons can we learn from the two decades in the country to make our foreign policy more effective in the future?

 Taking us on a deep dive into the region will be Adam Weinstein, a research fellow at the Quincy Institute and former Marine deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. He will provide a non-partisan assessment of the current situation as well as offer his perspective on the future of American foreign policy.  

Join us for this important conversation.

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September 29 | WorldBoston | Great Decisions | The WHO's Response to Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust the World Health Organization (WHO) into the limelight, for better and for worse. While some of the Trump administration’s criticism of the organization is unfair, the response to the early stages of the pandemic left many experts wanting more from the WHO. What is the WHO’s role in responding to international pandemics? What can be done to improve the WHO’s response to future global health crises?

Dr. Kelley Lee is trained in International Relations and Public Administration with a focus on international political economy. She spent over twenty years at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She was a core member of donor-led studies of WHO reform during the 1990s. She co-established the WHO Collaborating Centre on Global Change and Health, and chaired the WHO Resource Group on Globalization, Trade and Health. Her research focuses on the impacts of globalization on population health, and the ways collective action and global governance can mitigate these impacts. Her current research, leading the Pandemics and Borders Project, focuses on the use of cross-border measures (travel and trade) during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the implications for global responses governed by the WHO International Health Regulations. She is also working with leading scholars worldwide to advance the conceptualization and measurement of the commercial determinants of health.

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