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January 2022 Events

January 13 | WorldBoston | What a World! The Year in Review

Start the new year in global affairs right -- with WorldBoston friends old and new at this fun virtual event. We'll discuss favorite topics from 2021 with WorldBoston community members ... including you! Pour yourself a beverage and get ready to try your knowledge of 2021 events in a team-based What In The World? quiz, brainstorm with us on 2022, and maybe walk away a raffle winner!


Learn more and register here:

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January 25 | World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | A Honduran Surprise

Xiomara Castro won the November 28 Honduran election and there has been a peaceful transition of power. That's big news for the country and for the region. 

What can be made of all this? Kurt Ver Beek, co-founder of ASJ (Association for a More Just Society), has been working with colleagues in Honduras since 1988, seeking to make the political, judicial, and policing sectors fairer and more democratic. 

He'll give us some insight into what led to this election surprise, and what the future might hold as a result. We'll make sure there is generous time for q-and-a after Kurt's remarks.

Join us on Tuesday, January 25, at 12 noon EST for a free virtual convwersation and q-and-a. Register at

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