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Karen Burghart, Executive Director, Email, 719-579-8443

Jamie Bequette, International Visitor Program Manager, Email, 719-579-8443

Schuyler Foerster, Director Emeritus, Email, 719-579-8443

Ian Glassford, President, Board of Directors, Email, 719-579-8443

Karl Schneider, Executive Vice President, Board of Directors, Email, 719-579-8443

Upcoming Events

January 22 | Homelands: The Fate of Mexican-American Migration

The border is not just a geographical place, but a mindset. It’s not a no-man’s land over run by criminals in need of a wall to separate us from them. For millions it’s just a dynamic, vibrant place surrounded by some of the safest communities anywhere; It’s also a piñata for politicians and a target for White Supremacist. Whether demographics, or economic integration, the border is a peek into the future. Join us for a conversation with Alfredo Corchado, a renowned author and reporter, about the epicenter of our Homelands, the border.

“This personal, moving tale illuminates the very heart of the polarizing immigration debate that is roiling America today.” – David Axelrod, Former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama

February 26 | What Future for U.S. Intelligence?

As Former Chair of the National Intelligence Council, Greg Treverton shares his perspective on issues related to the current state of the intelligence community. Strategic analysis and strategy, adjusting "stories", transparency and big data, new ways to add value, new competitors...and new collaborators are at the forefront of these matters.  In some ways, truth itself is under siege.  What does that mean for intelligence? 

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