International Institute of Buffalo

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International Institute of Buffalo
864 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 14209
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Eva Hassett, Executive Director, Email, 716-883-1900

Denise Phillips Beehag, Director of New American Integration, Email, 716-883-1900

Deborah Billoni, Director of Finance, Email, 716-883-1900

Emily Brady-Santos, Director of Interpreting and Translation, Email, 716-883-1900

Amy Fleischauer, Director of Survivor Support, Email, 716-883-1900

Adair M. Saviola, Director of Development and Communications, Email, 716-883-1900

May Shogan, Director of International Exchanges and Education, Email, 716-883-1900

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1200 18th Street, NW, Suite 902
Washington, DC 20036
Phone 202-833-4557 | Email

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