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World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana
2500 Montgomery Street, Suite 6
Louisville, KY 40212
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Xiao Yin Zhao, Executive Director, Email, 502-561-5422

Laura Duncan, Visitor Program Manager, Email, 502-561-5422

McKenzie Nalley, Marketing, Communications and Events Coordinator, Email, 502-561-5422

Ayako Nakajima, Japan Outreach Coordinator, Email, 502-561-5422

Upcoming Events

August 19 | Editing the Code of Life: Exploring the Implications of CRISPR Technology

CRISPR technology is a new powerful tool used by scientists to edit genomes and DNA sequences. Samuel Sternberg is a biochemist and expert in this gene editing technology. He will discuss the potential consequences of this new innovation in this exciting speaker series event hosted by the World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana. 

September 25 | #MeToo Movement: Rise of Feminist Resistance in China

The World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana joins with the Center for Asian Democracy for a lecture featuring Li Maizi on the Feminist Resistance in China. Li Maizi is a Chinese campaigner and activist for gender equality and sexuality. In this exciting speaker series, she will discuss the feminist movement in China and her experience as an activist fighting for gender equality. 

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