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Soner Cagaptay
Director, The Washington Institute

Thanassis Cambanis
Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation

Perry Cammack
Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Prime Minister Kim Campbell
Former Prime Minister, Canada

Maria Carrai
Fellow, Harvard University

Ambassador (ret.) Johnnie Carson
Senior Advisor, Albright Stonebridge Group

Phillip Carter
Professor, Georgetown University

Hodding Carter III
Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nancy Carter-Foster
Senior Advisor for Health Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Roya Casagranda
Professor, Austin Community College

Thomas Case
Retired Dean, University of Alaska Anchorage

Tom Casey
Director, Lockheed Martin

John Cassara
Former Case Officer, Central Intelligence Agency

Amy Celico
Principle, Albright Stonebridge Group

Victor Cha
Senior Fellow, Human Freedom, George W. Bush Institute

Genevieve Chabot
Deputy Chief Commissioner, Canadian Human Rights Commission

H.E. (ret.) Suresh Chalise
Former Ambassador to the UK, Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Ambassador (ret.) Wendy Chamberlin
Former President, Middle East Institute

Joseph Chamie
Director, Center for Migration Studies

Nadereh Chamlou
Former Chief Economist Senior Adviser, World Bank

Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Senior Correspondent, The Washington Post

John Chane
The 8th Bishop of the Episcopal Dioceses of Washington, Washington National Cathedral

Sarah Chayes
Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Ambassador Chan Heng Chee
Ambassador-at-Large, Singapore Foreign Ministry

Sarah Chen
Principal, FedTech

Brigadier General (ret.) Stephen Cheney
Chief Executive Officer, American Security Project

C.J. Chivers
Reporter, New York Times

Derek Chollet
Executive Vice President and Senior Advisor, The German Marshall Fund

Edward Chow
Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Sinan Ciddi
Executive Director, Institute for Turkish Studies

Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs
Research Associate, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Joseph Cirincione
President, Ploughshares Fund

General (ret.) Wesley Clark
Chairman and CEO, Wesley K. Clark and Associates

Jonathan Clarke
Managing Partner, Washington Analysis and Assessment Service

Kimberly Clausing
Professor, Reed College

Steven Clemons
Editor-At-Large, The Hill

Ambassador (ret.) Herman Cohen
President, Cohen and Woods International

Eliot Cohen
Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Roberta Cohen
Co-Director, Brookings Institution

Stephen Cohen
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Susan Cohen
Founder and Chairman, Mintz Levin’s Immigration Practice

Elbridge Colby
Director, Center for a New American Security

Captain (ret.) Bernard Cole
Professor, U.S. National War College

Isobel Coleman
Senior Fellow and Director, Council on Foreign Relations

Ambassador Michael Collins
Ambassador to Germany, Embassy of Ireland

Cindy Combs
Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Victor Comras
Former Career Diplomat, Department of State

Pamela Constable
Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post

Greg Constantine
Freelance Photographer, Pulitzer Center

Ambassador Albrecht Conze
Ambassador to Uganda, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Steven Cook
Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Terry Cooke
Founding CEO, GC3 Strategy Inc.

Desiree Cormier
Senior Director, Albright Stonebridge Group

Ambassador (ret.) Michael Cotter
Former President, American Diplomacy Publishers

Ambassador (ret.) Sally Cowal
Senior Vice President for Global Health, American Cancer Society

Ari Cowan
Director General, International Center for Compassionate Organizations

Nicholas Coward
Partner, Baker and McKenzie

Philip Coyle
Senior Advisor, Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation

John Craig
Director, Center for Global Citizenship

Lorne Craner
Former President and CEO, American Councils for International Education

Roger Cressey
Former Director, National Security Council

Ambassador (ret.) Ryan Crocker
Senior Fellow, Yale University

Sharyl Cross
Director and Professor, St. Edwards University

Barbara Crossette
UN Correspondent, The Nation

Brian Crowley
Director, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Colonel (ret.) Phillip Crowley
Lecturer, George Washington University

Shelly Culbertson
Senior Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

Joanne Cummings
Foreign Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of State

Ambassador (ret.) Nguyen Quoc Cuong
Former Ambassador to U.S., Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Wendy Cutler
Vice President, Asia Society Policy Institute

Eugene Czolij
Former President, Ukrainian World Congress

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