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Joseph Page
Former Professor, Georgetown University

John Page, Jr.
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Ana Palacio
Senior Strategic Counsel, Albright Stonebridge Group

Lisa Palmer
Fellow, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center

Farah Anwar Pandith
Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Daniel Papp
Former President, Kennesaw State University

Robert Papp
Former Program Director, CIA

Andrew Parasiliti
Director, RAND Corporation

Christian Parenti
Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Joseph Parilla
Fellow, Brookings Institution

Mark Parris
Senior Foreign Policy Advidor, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, and Caldwell

Ambassador (ret.) Neil Parsan
Founding Director, Parsan Cross Global Strategic Advisors

Trita Parsi
Founder, National Iranian American Council

Craig Parsons
Professor, University of Oregon

Governor Deval Patrick
Managing Director, Bain Capital

Stewart Patrick
Senior Fellow and Program Director, Council on Foreign Relations

Cynthia Patterson
Professor, University of South Florida Polytechnic

Ken Patterson
Global Grassroots Manager, RESULTS

Frederic Pearson
Program Director, Wayne State University

Ambassador (ret.) Edward Peck
Ambassador to Mauritania, Embassy of the U.S.

Rena Pederson
Writer, Huffington Post

Kevin Peraino
Journalist and Author, Random House

Giuseppe Perrone
Consul General, Consulate of Italy

Erik Peterson
Director, AT Kearney Global Business Policy Council

Per Peterson
Professor, University of California Berkeley

Ambassador (ret.) Thomas Pickering
Distinguished Fellow, Brookings Institution

Steven Pifer
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Kemale Pinar
Director of U.S. Operations, Libyan-North American Scholarship Program

Lindsay Plack
Government Relations Director, USGLC

Valerie Plame
Former Covert Operations Officer, CIA

Luis Plata
Senior Advisor, Albright Stonebridge Group

Danielle Pletka
Foreign and Defense Policy Studies Vice President, American Enterprise Institute

Sandra Polaski
Senior Research Scholar, Boston University

Jonathan Pollack
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Kenneth Pollack
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Marc Polymeropoulos
Former Senior Intelligence Service Officer, CIA

Steven Pomerantz
Associate Executive Director, The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

Father Claude Pomerleau
Former Professor, University of Portland

Jerzy Pomianowski
Executive Director, European Endowment for Democracy

Charlotte Ponticelli
Program Director and Advisor, American Committees on Foreign Relations

Karen Poreh
Director, Albright Stonebridge Group

Keith Porter
President and CEO, Stanley Foundation

Wayne Porter
Littoral Operations Center Director, Naval Postgraduate School

Barry Posen
Professor and Program Director, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Eswar Prasad
Professor, Cornell University

Clyde Prestowitz
Founding President, Economic Strategy Institute

David Priess
Senior Fellow, George Mason University

Penelope Prime
Founding Director, China Research Center

Jack Pritchard
Former President, Korea Economic Institute

Peter Probst
Former CIA Officer, National Security Associates Worldwide

David Pumphrey
Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Jieun Pyun
Senior Program Manager, Human Freedom, George W. Bush Institute

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