Featuring Adam Jentleson on January 16, 2021

In Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senate, former senate-insider Adam Jentleson takes a critical look at the history of the filibuster and how it has been used on the Senate floor.

Jentleson argues that the emergence of the filibuster has moved the Senate away from the founding fathers’ original vision for the legislative body by allowing individuals to “gridlock the federal government.”

By offering a glimpse into the backrooms of Capitol Hill, Jentleson argues that the greatest challenges of our era – “partisan polarization, dark money, and media-manufactured outrage” – are nowhere more prevalent than in the Senate.

Adam Jentleson is the former deputy chief of staff to Senator Harry Reid (D – Nevada, 1987-2017). He is currently the public affairs director at Democracy Forward, a legal services and public policy research organization in Washington, D.C. Jentleson is also a columnist for GQ and a political commentator on MSNBC.

Matthew Wilson, Director of the Center for Faith and Learning and Associate Professor of political science at Southern Methodist University and senior fellow of SMU’s John Tower Center and of the Italian Institute for International Political Studies. Wilson’s research focuses on public opinion, elections, representation, and the role of race and religion in domestic and foreign politics. He is the author of three books. Wilson is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Louisiana State University in political science and history and holds a Ph.D. in political science from Duke University.

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