CxC: Amplified

Putting the World Back Together

An ideas summit presented by World Affairs Councils nationwide

     Putting the World Back Together marks the first time Councils across the        country will gather virtually for a special, inclusive Ideas Summit, under a            new brand: CxC: Amplified. Our collective programming – virtual events,              conversations, debates, and engagement opportunities – on one platform            aims to meet this historic moment with unity, leadership, and dialogue.

     CxC: Amplified is a full week of ideas designed to amplify voices on foreign      and national policy, Council by Council, and coast to coast. Open to the              public, this Ideas Summit brings together leaders, experts, and citizens                across the nation to tackle the central question: 

"How will the world be put back together as we chart our way through the new coronavirus pandemic?"

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WACA Programming

Monday, May 4

3:00 PM ET          Yoga Nidra and the Power of Slowing Down

                              As our daily routines slow down, how do we, too, learn to honor the body and mind’s need for rest?
                                    Yoga Nidra is a tool for settling into a meditative state while lying down - a gem for these times when
                                    our nervous systems are on high alert, stress is activated, and our perspective becomes clouded. 
                                    Class will include some gentle movement, a yoga nidra practice (done lying down) and
Please have a pillow and a blanket. 

                                    Fannie Hungerford is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Iowa City. She is Iowa’s
                                    only ParaYoga certified teacher (Level 2). She is a firm believer in the time-tested power of the ancient
                                    practices of yoga. A lover of people and with a great interest in the human condition, her teaching is grounded in the energetics and
                                    psychology of yoga, and provides experiences for the Soul alongside tools for leading a less-burdened life. As an initiate in the Sri Vidya
                                    spiritual tradition, she leans on the wisdom of the masters as she transmits the teachings for the modern-day practitioner. She aims
                                    to practice daily to tap into the boundless supply of peace, patience, playfulness, and love that is available to us all. Read more here.
                                    If you are in a position to give, please consider donating. Venmo for donations: @Fannie-Hungerford

                                    Zoom Link: 
                                    Password: 207745

Tuesday, May 5

3:00 PM ET         Afternoon Yoga Break + Basic Pose Breakdown

                            Take a mid-afternoon break to move, breathe and rejuvenate your body + mind for the rest of the day
                                   that lies ahead. Join yoga teacher + visibility expert Lorraine Sanders (of Spirit of 608 media) for an
                                   hour-long sessionfocused on yoga basics in two parts. All levels and abilities are welcome as we first
                                   break down a few favorite key poses to explore alignment and variations to further your practice. During
                                   the session’s second half, we’ll move together through a flow meant to empower and inspire you to
                                   reconnect with yourself and engage with the world -- even at a distance. 

                                   Lorraine Sanders is a media strategist and podcast producer-host who helps mission-driven, ethical
                                   brands and female entrepreneurs increase visibility and connect with new audiences through creative
                                   content, PR, and thought leadership; and a yoga teacher at Flydog Yoga in Charlottesville, VA. A longtime journalist and yoga teacher, she
                                   combines media expertise and mindset techniques in her one-on-one work coaching founders and brands to increase visibility and reach new
                                   audiences. Together they create media strategies and custom content that not only aligns with their unique brand values, but also captures the
                                   attention of major media outlets and new audiences.

                                   Access the yoga session here:

7:00 PM ET         WorldQuest: A Global Pop Trivia Challenge

                                   Join us for this fun kickoff event to introduce the network to the WorldQuest: A Global Pop
                                   Trivia Challenge
. The World Affairs Councils of America and the Global Ties U.S. Networks are
                                   coming together to create a four-week long, nationwide trivia competition that will culminate
                                   in a national trivia competition to crown the top team in the U.S. You will have an opportunity to
                                   learn more about this initiative and how your Council can join the nationwide trivia competition.
                                   You will also compete for global pop trivia dominance during this event. Registration is limited to the first 50 players, however, up to
                                   100 participants can join the event. 
Please register to the left, and access to the trivia platform will be sent to the first 50 registrants
                                   only. However, up to 100 participants can 
watch the event to learn how an online trivia competition is done.

                                   Login details: Webinar portion link: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android -
                                   Quiz link: / Access Code: 243888

                            For players, we encourage you to either have a split screen of both the Zoom and MyQuiz, the game platform, or to use two different devices.

Wednesday, May 6

12:00 PM ET      The Deadly Coronavirus Crisis Is Also an Opportunity for a U.S.-China Partnership to Reimagine the World

                                  The Pew Research Center recently reported that 66 percent of Americans view China unfavorably. And
                                  the Chinese are returning the favor in spades. Meanwhile, politicians in each country continue to
                                  encourage feelings by tit for tat responses instead of cooling their citizens' tempers. The die is cast to
                                  tear up 50 years of cooperation and mutually beneficial ties that have benefited both Americans and
                                  Chinese enormously. The fact is unless America and China stop this mutually destructive trajectory and
                                  assume joint leadership for global economic recovery, reconstruction of the post-coronavirus world
                                  could take years, with unimaginable consequences for the world’s 7.8 billion inhabitants, including
                                  unprecedented levels of global unemployment, famine, and even war.

                                  So, are there issues of such import and mutual benefit that they would convince President’s Trump and Xi Jinping to work together? Join
                                  Sarwar Kashmeri, author of “China’s Grand Strategy; Weaving a New Silk Road to Global Primacy, (Praeger 2019),” as he explains why
                                  China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the U.S. military may offer both Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping with a point of departure to
                                  try and salvage the most important relationship in the world today. 

                                  The event will be livestreamed on the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan's YouTube page: This is an
                                  unlisted YouTube link, which means those without the link will not be able to find the livestream online. Should there be any technical issues,
                                  you can also watch the event here as a backup:


2:00 PM ET        Cover to Cover: Global Gender Inequality   

                            Register now for WACA's Cover to Cover conference call on Wednesday, May 6 at 2:00-2:30 PM ET,
                                  featuring Dr.
Nina Ansary, UN Women Global Champion for Innovation and Visiting Fellow at The
                                  London School of Economics
Centre for Women, Peace & Security, on her book Anonymous Is a
                                  Woman: A Global Chronicle of Gender Inequality
Anonymous Is a Woman takes readers on a
                                  4,000-year historic journey to expose the roots and 
manifestations of institutionalized gender
                                  discrimination; dismantle centuries of historical bias through biographical profiles of fifty
                                  yet forgotten women innovators; and challenge ingrained stereotypical assumptions to advance an
                                  unconventional argument for equality and inclusivity.

6:00 PM ET        Ensálsate, Salsa and Panela - Free Salsa Lesson!    

                           Please join Yoii Campo from the Joy Dance School in Baltimore and the Embassy of Colombia in  
                                 Washington, DC to take a live salsa lesson! Don't be shy - all levels and ages welcome.

                                 Yoii Campo, a professional salsa dancer from Cali, Colombia, is the founder of Joy Dance School,
                                 located in Baltimore. She has been dancing salsa for over 15 years, and since 2019, has been
                                 the Ensálsate, Salsa and Panela free Salsa dance lessons lead instructor. The class taught at the
                                 Embassy of Colombia, and now through its social media channels, teaches not only how to dance   
                                 Colombian salsa, but Colombian culture as well.

                                 Please register to the left and join us with the Zoom link

Friday, May 8

2:00 PM ET       Belly Dancing With April Mears

                                Please join belly dancer April Mears for a belly dancing lesson. All attendees' videos will be off - so don't
                                be embarrassed and get into the groove! April completed her Belly Dance Teacher Training in 2017 with
                                the creator of the Fatchancebellydance® Style (fka American Tribal Style) of belly dance and attends
                                yearly dance retreats and workshops. FCBD® Style is a group improvisational style of modern belly dance
                                that allows dancers from all over the world to dance in sync together using a common dance vocabulary
                                without any preplanned choreography. April has been belly dancing since 2007 and performing FCBD®
                                Style and fusion bellydance in festivals and events since 2014.  She loves sharing belly dance with
                                anyone who'll join her and is cultivating a local dance community, but lately, with live streaming has been reaching further afield. April is also a
                                200 hour registered Yoga Teacher who teaches and practices at a her neighborhood yoga studio in Washington, DC. 

                                Please register to the left and join us with the Zoom link:

                                 Follow April on Instagram at fourthmoontribal, and contact the WACA office if you are interested in private Zoom belly dancing lessons:

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