1918 Society Members

This is WACA’s premier, VIP membership category for individuals who directly support our mission to educate Americans on global issues.

The group takes its inspiration from its original incorporators, including John Foster Dulles, the U.S. legal counsel to the Versailles Peace Conference and Secretary of State for President Dwight D. Eisenhower and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Thank you to our generous 1918 Society members:

Mr. Carlos Alvarez


Mr. Samuel Johnson

Dr. Joan Apple Lemoine


Mr. A. Alex Lari

Ms. Karen Burghart


Ms. Maryanne Maldonado

Ms. Mimi Burke


Mr. Edward Martens

Mr. Matthew Butler


Ms. Mary Mendoza

Mr. Glenn Creamer


Ms. Sherry Mueller

Dr. Richard Crepage


Mr. Roger Naik

Mr. Brian Easley


Mr. Derrick Olsen

Ms. Sylvia Fields


Mr. Sait Onal

Mr. Ken Furst


Mr. Stephen Petras

Dr. Schuyler Foerster


Ambassador Roman Popadiuk

Mr. Alexander Gordin


Ms. Lynn Beck Simonini

Ms. Mimi Gregory


Ms. Elizabeth Rutherford

Ms. Nancy Hamlin


Mr. Craig Snyder

Ms. Michelle Harpenau


Mr. L.J. Stambuk

Ms. Donnica Hawes-Saunders

  Mr. Charles Stout

Ms. Karlee Hilliard


Mr. Ramsay Thurber

Mr. Rex Holmlin


Mr. Serge Tomassian

Ms. Forough Hosseini


Ms. Angela Weck

Mr. Matthew Hughes


Ms. Mary Yntema

Mr. Marty Johnson


Ms. Xiao Yin Zhao

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